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Window Tinting is our specialty!  We offer a great range of films to choose from.  Whether your issues result from heat, visibility, or lack privacy.  We will offer you protection from all the elements!  We will show you and explain the different benefits that window tinting has to offer.  Please know that we only offer Lifetime Warranted Films.  So you'll be rest assured that you arecovered and getting the best films in our line-up!

Because window tinting is our specialty, we offer a wide array of tint film choices!  We also carry different brands

that give us that "certain" look we want for our vehicles.  We have Black, Charcoal, Stainless, Platinum, Colored, as well as Safety Films.  All these films come in various percentages from 80% clear to the darkest 3%!

Feel free to contact us or visit our store to see our wide array of tint films. 



Window film vary from one manufacturer to another.  We

selected a variety of films that will give you the look you want for your vehicle!

You can say we have you covered...


There are a lot of products out there that tout headlight restoration but none of them will last!  Please do not let anyone convince you to spray clear paint or lacquer to them either!  These methods are only temporary fixes!  Let us do your headlights that will last 8 years or longer! Our method is tried and true, Guaranteed!


I was once a 3M certified installer and have done quite a number of installations of paint protection from all the different brands available on the market.  Suntek PPF is to me the best looking and longest lasting PPF (paint protection film). Their PPF products are easier to install therefore making it easier on your pocketbook!  Just to put it simply,

I would not install anything I would not have on my own personal car!  Installation typically ranges from a two to six hours for a premium full kit.  PPF is the best way to protect the integrity of the painted surface of your vehicle period!


The ability to see at night when driving is crucial.  It is equally important to be able to see and be seen at night when driving   Now you can "See and be Seen" with our LED and HID retrofitted for your automotive headlights, drive lights, park lights, fog lights, and etc.  These bulbs burn cooler, and last longer than your standard halogen bulbs.  We will order and install any bulb or kits of your choosing.  We can also replace any burned out bulb on your car!

Halogen on top and LED lighting below comparison
HID on left and Halogen or right
LED lighting examples  (shown above)
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